Human Design Experience Festival

"Welcome back to the 2021 edition. More info to come"

Sfantu Gheorghe- Danube Delta & Black Sea, Romania

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The self-experiment is the most important journey on the Human Design path. This is where we put the theory into practice and experiment, research, develop and discover for ourselves. The festival will be a supportive forum to continue the experiment through talks and sharing experiences, panel-talks, discussion-circles, aura-experiments and much more. We are truly excited to see what our community has to share when we meet in the aura. Aura-experiments Penta Experiments Aura Talks Collective Research Hub Sharing Think-Thank Mystical Fire Stortytelling We, the Wa & The Wheel; Discussion circles


The body is our vehicle and gives us the capacity to love our self. We believe in the benefits of integral bodywork to facilitate the potential transformation we are offered through the knowledge of Human Design. In the end it is so much about our body, our design, and the well-being of our experience. Our international community brings together many valuable members and we are pleased to announce a talented force of body-workers and practitioners on the festival team. ​ Yoga Meditation Dance & Movement Essential Oil Massage Therapy Functional Patterns Breathwork Fitness • Nutrition


Ra Uru Hu passed over in 2011, but he left behind an incredible source of knowledge as his legacy. We intend to bring the frequency of his teachings into the future. We are fortunate to have his students as our senior master teachers, joining us in the Delta and adding to the program. Educational activities include: Lectures & talks Video screenings w/ moderator Workshops by Aura Types Panel-discussions and Q&A sessions.


Ra was not only the messenger of Human Design. He was also a great artist and musician. Our community too is full of artists and creative beings. We wish to cradle this creative power with live music, dance, singing, performances, role-play, and much more. We will most definitely find fun and joy in the summer nights of Festival. Human Design Rave Live Music and DJ`s Dance and movement performances Video visualizations; 3-D & Video-mapping


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Our Vision: The Hermit`s Call


This may be just what you’ve been waiting for! With an ever growing worldwide community of enthusiasts and practitioners entering the Human Design experiment, it is now time we meet in Aura. An opportunity to share with each other the personal experience of walking this path of knowledge is waiting for us! We envisioned an environment where we can come together and lay the foundation for a connected and more united international community, where we can share valuable and enriching personal experiences, practices and resources. The Human Design Experience Festival is created for you who are committed on your journey in the self-experiment, beginner or advanced students, teachers and professionals. We are open for your participation and contribution.


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Christo Baltazhar

Festival Organizer at Human Design Experience Festival


Liliana Lutu-Coraci

Certified Theta Healer at ThetaHealing


Ioan Nistor

Manages Human design aplicat